Achintya, certified by the NCAAOM, founded the Lotus Clinic in the year 2000 in Kailua, Hawai'i. She has traveled all over the world studying and practicing ancient and modern methods of healing. Along with philosophical and spiritual practices, her studies include Ayurvedic training in India and the USA, herbal therapies from indigenous cultures of South and Central America, SouthEast Asia, India, North Africa and Europe. She also has training in Homeopathy, Hypnosis, CranioSacral, Reiki and Astrology. Her mastery comes from over 30 years of hospital, clinical and private practices. Treating and counseling people from all walks of living, countries and belief systems, her studies of a diverse range of medicinal practices allows her to better understand the influence of emotional and mental states in the physical body. 
Specialized in Immune disorders, HIV and Cancer for 6 years in San Francisco, CA. Licensed Hypnotherapist from the Institute of Hypnosis in Berkley, CA. Received Homeopathic training in Berkley, CA. Traditional Chinese Medicine 1986 graduate from the AmerAsia College of Chinese Medicine on Maui, HI. Herbalist and Yoga practitioner for over 30 years. Reiki Master. Energy Work - chakra and aura balancing. Aromatherapist.