Traditional Chinese medicine consist of various practices including acupuncture, chinese herbal formulas, cupping, moxibustion, tunia and deep tissue. TCM is a great holistic tool for prevention, maintenance and treatment of many disturbances.

Acupuncture uses specific prescriptive points to balance the body's internal energy by using extremely smooth, sterile and disposable needles for pain-free insertion.


Moxibustion enhances the body's flow of Qi, very effective for chronic debilitating conditions.

Cupping frees congestion, relaxes muscles spasms, releases toxicity and increases energy.


Herbal Medicine incorporates both Eastern and Western herbal formulas. Herbal therapies are used for healing around the world for thousands of years. The Lotus Clinic carefully selects formulas according to each person's particular set of symptoms, constitution and disharmonies. 

Homeopathy is a drug-free medicine used all over Europe for 200 years by successfully utilizing fractional doses of highly diluted natural substances as a complimenting therapy for chronic or acute conditions.

Astrological Consultations - Specializing in Life Transitions, helping individuals and couples to highlight and focus in alternative ways to alter events by shifting to higher levels of consciousness

Other Practices Including:



Reiki Mastery 

Inner Alchemy

Original Yoga Asanas

Meditational Practices